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Terrain Model Kit: Symbols

Terrain Model Kit: Symbols

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Army Flashcards is passionate for making the Military Profession the best it can be. We start by helping our Soldiers, and Leaders master the basics with our premier educational material. In this kit, you get all of the symbols you need for a platoon terrain model kit! Ideal for Platoon Operations Order (OPORD) briefs. With these symbols, everyone can follow the mission plan without confusion.

The terrain model kit includes all of the symbols that one needs to create a Platoon terrain model kit. You can use these symbols on your terrain model or sand table to clearly and precisely depict unit locations, tactical tasks, enemy situation templates (SITEMP), actions on the objective.

Our Terrain Model Kit takes 80+ of the most common symbols used on terrain models and OPORD briefs and puts them in a clear format that everyone can see. Our flashcards cover all of the essential symbols you need to master briefing your fellow Soldiers. 


  • Set of hard-copy flashcards
  • Proudly Made in America
  • Concepts from Army Reference Manual ADRP 1-02
  • Field tested: Proved to last during training

Use symbols on your terrain model from every major category:

  • Friendly and enemy equipment
  • Friendly and enemy units
  • Tactical tasks
  • Direct fire control measure
  • Indirect fire targets

Short on time? Our flashcards are a great and rapid way to look, and be professional. Whether you're using them alone or along with your own briefing materials, our flashcards will help you prepare.





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