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Through the experience of my ongoing military career, a 12 month combat deployment to Afghanistan, and particularly as the course director for military science for the West Point Junior class, I came to realize that there is no individual that can prevent the worst while facing a ruthless enemy. But I have come to believe that one of the best ways to prepare ourselves for the unexpected is by simplifying the manner in which we design our education material. An Army career is one full of milestones, particularly in terms of education. These milestones usually occur in the form of schools that Soldiers and Leaders must attend. While the schools are exceptional, most veterans can relate when I say it’s difficult to remember what we learned and even more difficult to apply it.

My solution is simple: flashcards...

Founder and Owner- Zack Willey

Starting with a bang...

While sitting in the dark of Afghanistan, shortly after a vehicle in my patrol was decimated by a roadside bomb, I wondered what I could do to ensure no officer found themselves in my position…

We have a passion for making the Military Profession the best it can be. We start by helping our Soldiers and Leaders master the basics.

A deck of flashcards, though simple and analog, carries tremendous value in a number of ways. First, it is a consolidation of vast amounts of information in a small and mobile package. Second, it summarizes the essentials of a body of knowledge. And third, it lasts. A deck of flashcards obtained as a cadet can last an entire career.

We may not be able to prevent every tragedy, but we can certainly prepare ourselves for the next one. Army Flashcards aims to do that.


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Our mission is the success of every soldier and officer


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