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Military Hand and Arm Signals Flashcards | TC 3-21.60

Military Hand and Arm Signals Flashcards | TC 3-21.60

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We're passionate about the Army. We share our passion by helping our Soldiers and Leaders master the basics with our best-in-class educational material. These flashcards are perfect for all members of the Army and cover 100 of the most useful visual signals from the military's official doctrine: TC 3-21.60. Get yours today, and never say another word...

No matter whether you are in the Infantry conducting regular dismounted patrolling, or you regularly find yourself operating in a military convoy, our flashcard set is guaranteed to cover every visual signal you will need to use.


  • Set of hard-copy flashcards.
  • Proudly Made in America.
  • Hand & arm signals from the March 2017 Training Circular 3-21.30: Visual Signals.
  • Reference for all military leaders of every branch of the Army

Covers wide range of visual signals used for all types of operations from every chapter of the Training Circular:

  • Hand and Army Signals for Dismount Operations
  • Signals for Dismounted Formations
  • Patrolling Hand and Arm Signals
  • Signals for Crew-Served Weapons
  • Hand and Army Signals for Ground Vehicles
  • Signals for Mechanized Movement Techniques
  • Signals to Control Vehicle Drivers and/or Crews
  • Convoy Control
  • Hand and Army Signals for Aircraft
  • Common Hand and Arm Ground Signals
  • Ground-to-Air Panel System
  • Special Panel Signals
  • Ground-to-Air Emergency Signals and Codes
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Pyrotechnic Handheld Signals

Our flashcards are a fun and rapid way to test your knowledge. Whether you're practicing them alone, with your friends, or fellow Soldiers, you'll be ready to communicate during operations without saying a word!

So, click on "Add to Cart" button and never say another word!



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