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Advanced Marksmanship Lethality Series Volume 1 : Rifle and Carbine

Advanced Marksmanship Lethality Series Volume 1 : Rifle and Carbine

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We're passionate about the Army. We share our passion by helping our Soldiers and Leaders master the basics with our best-in-class educational material. These flashcards are perfect for all members of the Army and cover 100 of the most critical concepts of advanced marksmanship for the rifle and carbine.

The Lethality Series aims to bring you the absolute best current concepts and principles of marksmanship for all weapon platforms!

In Volume I: Rifle and Carbine's master advanced marksmanship concepts for all aspects of training on the primary weapon system of the Army. 


  • Set of hard-copy flashcards.
  • Proudly Made in America.
  • Content-based off all current Army weapons doctrine, as well as advanced marksmanship concepts from our very own special weapons team!
  • Reference for all military leaders of every branch of the Army

Covers a wide range of advanced marksmanship concepts from various doctrine and cutting-edge TTPs:

  • Immediate Action Drills for Weapon Malfunctions
  • Identifying Weapon Malfunctions
  • Weapon Safety Status
  • Correct Stock Weld
  • Weapon Stability Principles
  • Target Appearance and Identification
  • Weapon Stability and Accuracy Principles
  • Weapon Functions
  • Cycle of Functions 
  • Windage Hold Values 

Our flashcards are a fun and rapid way to test your knowledge. Whether practicing them alone, with your friends, or with fellow professionals, you'll be ready to master your rifle and carbine!

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