Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 5

Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 5

Fail Forward

The way I’d like to end this series is to talk about failure.

You may totally fall on your face, and that’s alright.

You may make a post on social media and you’ll have that sentence “like if you think x, y, z!” and no one likes the post.

You may launch something and no one buys it.

That’s alright. Because you still learned something in that process. You still created stuff. You have all this infrastructure now. Shift directions and keep pushing forward. Drive toward another goal, but don’t stop.

The First Deck

The very first card deck I made (Terms and Symbols deck) cost me $65 to print and box (not counting all of the design costs!), and was the size of a large brick.

I also designed the box in powerpoint. The first store loved the idea but said the monstrosity was kind of ugly and would never sell.

Similarly with the Ranger deck, when AAFES reviewed it, they loved the idea, but absolutely nuked my box—which I happened to be very proud of!

Those criticisms didn’t stop me. In fact, they improved the products and the setbacks made me realize how to drive forward.

An End

The first time I got my cards into a retail store was down at Fort Bragg.

It was Christmas and I was on leave.

I drove off post with a bunch of my card decks, walked right into General Jackson's off of Yadkin and asked for the manager. I pitched the cards to them right then and there.

They bought 12 Ranger decks on the spot. I was like, whoa that was easy.

I then went to about 5 other stores who all shut me down!

The end of something doesn’t have to be the end. It’s simply a beginning. Another opportunity to learn. Another chance to grow and go forward and keep building the business of Army Flashcards.

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