Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 3

Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 3


Bootstrapping a business is no easy feat.

Really, the way to make money with your idea is to spread it out. Don’t just plop it in a corner, take up a room. Take up a whole building full of your idea.

Army Flashcards is in physical stores throughout the country with AAFES and US Patriot. I have my own online store through my website hosted by Shopify.

Army Flashcards is also on Amazon. And on top of that, I use Amazon Associates links to direct people from my podcast and YouTube videos to the website and to the products on Amazon.


Every little bit counts.

Most of the top YouTube celebrities have physical products they also sell or endorse, they have ads they make money off of, and also accept sponsorships.

They’ll have physical products they review with associates links

Create swag. Get a store and own it.

Figure out sponsorships, or adwords, or other ways to not just sell your product, but use it to make you money.

The secret to a solid brand is a solid base. The infrastructure has to be laid out and able to take on the load of customers once they finally arrive.

More on funneling customers to your product in the next article.


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