Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 1

Vetrepreneur: Go Out And Be An Entrepreneur Part 1

Hello friends. I wanted to start a little mini-series of articles about my entrepreneurial experience so far with Army Flashcards.

Sometimes I get messages or emails asking me about the journey I’m on and how I’ve done everything, so this will hopefully answer some of those questions.

Just One

I was calling around, trying to get my products into physical stores. The online market was tough to figure out and I knew I needed to get my product out there into stores if I wanted to start selling.

It didn’t (and hasn’t) happen overnight for me. There was no moment where I woke up and my bank account had a bunch of zeros in there.

But I’ve been putting in the steady work and my business has been slowly growing.

Just sell one product, then another. Then another. Just get into one store. Then another. Then another.

Be told no. Be told hell no.

Be told you’re going to fail.

Then go out and sell another product.

Find an ally. Network. Share each other’s experiences. Share followers. And keep moving forward.

Be a Business

Take yourself seriously (not too seriously). Well, at least take the business seriously. Do a little work every day, or a few times a week.

Even if you’re doing the side hustle, know what you can do with your taxes.

What can you account for your business as far as expenses go? Are you going to start a sole proprietorship or are you going to create an LLC?

Do you own research and don’t be afraid to call and talk to an expert.

Don’t be afraid to call and talk to a lawyer, an accountant, or a marketer.

Have fun. Don’t be scared. Leap out there into the world and take a chunk of it.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to hire out. You don’t need to be the master of everything, just the mastermind.

More on that next time.


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