Troop Leading Procedures Series- Terrain Analysis Video

Troop Leading Procedures Series- Terrain Analysis Video

This is the third video in our Troop Leading Procedures Video Series. In it we cover terrain analysis, OAKOC. Terrain Analysis is so important when conducting mission analysis. It is the basis of all mission planning, as both friendly and enemy plans are necessarily affected by the landscape. Enjoy!

Some key points for this video are:

We use the acronym OAKOC for terrain analysis.


Avenues of Approach

Key Terrain

Observation and Fields of Fire

Cover and Concealment

Before we even begin with analysis, we create a Graphical Depiction of Terrain (GDOT). This allows us to better visualize the effects the terrain is having.

We start with obstacles for good reason. When we analyze obstacles, we identify the most significant existing obstacle near the objective, determine what natural effect it has, then discuss how it will impact the mission.

With a good GDOT, you should be able to see exactly where mobility corridors are. Pick the most relevant ones to your mission, name them as an Avenue of Approach, and discuss its impact on the mission.

Key Terrain will dominate both the obstacles and avenues of approach you discuss above.

Next analyze observation and fields of fire as well as cover and concealment from the objective, key terrain, and the significant obstacles you identified earlier.


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