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One of the most difficult portions of Sapper School is the Sapper Knots Test. It's really a pretty easy test...if you have the time to study for it! What gets a lot of Sappers is that they don't prepare for the test before they arrive at Sapper School and while at the course you simply don't have enough time to adequately prepare for the knots test. 

The Sapper Knots Test itself is simple. You walk into a room with several Sapper Instructors, you walk up to one of them, they tell you knot that you must pass, and then you tie it in front of them (with a time limit) while reciting the purpose and checkpoints. You must tie it exactly right, and you must recite the purpose and checkpoints word for word. If you mess up a single word, chances are that Sapper Instructor will not pass you. 

Fortunately for you, we've got the resources that will help you pass the Sapper Knot Test!

The key is to memorize the purpose and checkpoints perfectly, and practice tying the knots until you can do them in your sleep. In our experience, if you start this process 2-3 months before going to school, you should be good to go. 

By the way, all of these resources are free, you just download them, and use them.

The first resource at your disposal is our Sapper Knots Flashcards, which can be opened right here: Sapper Knot Flashcards.

Here are a couple examples:

Sapper Knot Square Knot Flashcards

The second resource at your disposal is pictures of the knots that come straight out of the Sapper Handbook. Unlike the Ranger Handbook, the Sapper Handbook is tight hold, you can only get it at the course, you can't buy it from a store or get it online. You can find the Sapper Knots from the Sapper Handbook here: Sapper Knots from Sapper Handbook.

Sapper Knot Figure of Eight Bend Knot Flashcards

Sapper Knot Clove Hitch Knot Flashcards

The third resource at your disposal is the following document which has video links to all of the Sapper School Knots that you may be tested on for the SLC Knots Test. Sapper Knots Video Links.

Example Knots Videos:

Double Figure 8 Two Loops

End of Rope Prusik Knot

The fourth and final resource at your disposal is the following Sapper School Practice Knots Test. This test is basically the same version that they use at the Sapper Leaders Course. Have a friend or family member grade you as you do it in front of them! The Sapper School Practice Knots Test can be found here: Sapper School Practice Knots Test.

And that's it for knots! Be sure to check out the other posts that you need to be successful at Sapper School: Patrolling and Demolitions


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