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Sappers are known for their expertise in demolitions. Nothing is cooler than blowing the hell out of stuff! 

Besides the cool factor though, demolitions play a very important role on the battlefield. Through the use of demolitions, engineers are better able to provide mobility, counter mobility, and even survivability to units. Hence, why you have to learn it inside and out at Sapper School! 

Fortunately for you, we've got the resources that will help you pass all of the various tasks and test associated with Sapper School Demolitions!

By the way, all of these resources are free, you just download them and use them.

The first resource at your disposal is a PDF covering Sapper Demolition Systems and the MDI Quick Reference, also known as Modernized Demolition Initiators (MDI). This resource shows you all of the various demolition components and systems that are used in military demolitions: Sapper Demolition Systems and MDI Quick Reference

Sapper Demolition Systems

The second resource at your disposal is a Sapper Demolition Calculations overview, as well as standard Demo Calculations Card. The Sapper Demo Calc Test is quite difficult, but most engineers have had enough training on it before that they don't need to study for it too much. You can find both resources here: Sapper Demo Calculations Overview and Sapper Demo Card

Sapper Demo Card

The third resource at your disposal are the Demolition Knots Charges Overview and the UMBC Quick Reference Guide. Whereas the first resource shows how to build the initiating systems for demolitions, these resources show you common charges used in Sapper Demolitions: Sapper Demo Knots Charges and Sapper UMBC Quick Reference Guide

Sapper Demo Charges

The fourth and final reference for you is this video, a Sapper Units Demolitions Walkthrough: 

 And that's it for demo! Be sure to check out the other posts that you need to be successful at Sapper School: Patrolling and Knots

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